martes, abril 14, 2009


MIA LLAUDER - Es una ceramista creativa, dinámica, incansable y comprometida con todo lo que quiere y rodea tanto a nivel personal como profesional.
En su último número, la revista New Ceramics, le ha publicado un artículo "A universe of ceramic emotions", que os ponemos abajo. Enhorabuena Mía.

The ceramic pieces of Mia Llauder (Mataró, Barcelona, 1962) are made of multiple elements, but like matter in nature her composition of elements is governed by the poetic rhythm she has developed over the past few years.
The concept of elements is closer to music or mathematics, but most works of art are composed of various elements.
The originality of Llauder's handling of elements in the composition of her ceramic installations evokes evanescent emotions.
The ceramic elements are composed in a dichotomy of black and white, normally the porcelain she uses is white and the stoneware, darkened with manganese, is black, tones which are in complete harmony with the red of cloth, the grey of metal, the beige of strings and the translucency of nylon, among other materials used.
Sound can be an element of action in art in some of her installations, too; the hanging pieces collide and sound softly like music.

Más imágenes sobre su trabajo en este vídeo.

Otras facetas profesionales aquí.

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